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Alprofos versus alfalfa

Are you one of the breeders who are feeding alfalfa pellets or chopped alfalfa as a protein supplement? Then you probably know the feeling as many breeders do: good, but just not good enough.

So why is alfalfa not ideal as a  protein supplier?

  • The pellet is often too large to be eaten by crias (who really need it!).
  • The high calcium/phosphorus ratio (4-5:1) can be detrimental for bone development in growing animals. Deficiency of phosphorus is a main problem in growing animals. Therefore, alfalfa may only be supplied in limited amounts.

Alprofos is a protein supplement rich in fiber, with an optimal calcium/phosphorus ratio. The pellet is very small.

Alprofos can be mixed with Alpamin, according to the requirement of the moment. Per unit of Alpamin, we fed 0 to 4 units of Alprofos.


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